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Eating In Is Healthy For All The Family

People are constantly on the go, we constantly rush, rush, and then rush some more. We need to learn to slow down and learn to appreciate the things that we take for granted. When you are constantly on the go, you do not take the time to try and eat right. You are consistently going through the McDonald's drive thru, ordering off of the value menu, it's time for everyone to eat in let's be honest, you can eat well when you have a hearty selection of items priced between one buck and a buck fifty. There comes a time that you will have to ask yourself, what am I sacrificing by all of this drive thru eating at the local fast food joint?

Bagel Lovers Need to Have Bagels Every Day

I can’t deny the fact that I love bagels.  In fact, I love bagels so much that my wife makes me one for breakfast almost every morning.  I love tasting different types of bagels but my favorite is “everything” bagel with eggs and bacon. My wife and I usually buy the bagels, make the eggs [...]

Eating Salad For Dinner

I’ve started to eat salad only every single day in an attempt to lose some weight.  It’s working so far because I’ve lost about 10 pounds in a few weeks.  Combined with my excerise schedule of running 3 times a week for 28 minutes, I feel much more energetic and happy. Salad is not really [...]

Hot Pot is Easy and Tastes Great

Hot pot is usually one of the easiest to make dishes in the world. All you have to do is buy all good ingredients and usually the meal will turn out great. Today, we had many dishes like meat, shrimp, tofu, fish balls, etc. Since it is one of my most loved dish, I highly [...]

Chinese Cooled Cucumber

A cooled dish is a great addition to all the hot dishes that get served in a Chinese meal. The picture above is one version of the Chinese “appetizer” that adds so much color to the meal. It’s a little spicy to get your energy up to look forward to the fabulous meal that will [...]

Chinese BBQ Duck Takeout

This must be one of the most popular dishes for Cantonese takeout. In Hong Kong, many people would buy this to bring home to add to their home made dishes. Some people even just buy the BBQ duck with rice and eat for lunch. The delicious BBQ sauce is used to marinate the duck before [...]

Homemade Dumpling At Its Best!

Sometimes, homemade is just the best! Here, my wife and I are preparing to make our own dumplings. First, you need to buy the ingredients like below. Wraps! Some people make their own wraps but for those that don’t do this for a living, there are actually very good wraps that we can buy! We [...]

Mixing Homemade and Store Bought Food

Sometimes, it is just impossible to have the time to cook everything from scratch. Here, my wife bought some ready made eel from the supermarket and then cooked the eggs, onion, and mixed it with sauce. This is extremely good, and it is actually quite healthy and inexpensive too! Next time you don’t have time [...]

Delicious Meals Every Day

Being married has some good points because my wife is a great cook! Today, we had many things and she made all of it with ease! These easy recipes from her and yet they are so delicious. Check these out. Soup Chicken Wings Chinese Vegetable So, would you even want to go out if you [...]