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Unseen Academicals, Terry Pratchett

The latest novel by Great Britain's best-selling author Terry Pratchett is a parody on European football (soccer) and all the cultural phenomena that go along with it, such as cheerleading and football hooliganism. The book, Unseen Academicals may therefore be a bit more exciting to Europeans than to Americans.

All Food is Tasteless without My Wife

I am the type of guy that loves a good meal.  From the smell when you walk in close proximity to a kitchen to the atmosphere of a nice restaurant, I become consumed and usually cannot wait till the food enters my mouth. My wife is in Taiwan for 2 weeks and without her, food [...]

Our Love for Barbeque Steak

I’m going to my uncle’s house for some amazing barbeque steak tonight.  It will be a great dinner because of the great food and also good wines that we will consume. The way my uncle prepares the BBQ steaks is by marinating them with soy sauce, pepper, green onions.  When it’s time to grill them, [...]

Delicous Pizza is Not Only for Sports Games

Many people think pizza is mainly for guys to enjoy during a sports game but it is simply not true. I find pizza great because it can be enjoyed by people of different ages as well as many different occasions. In addition to sports games, pizza is also great for birthdays, company events, and even [...]

Perfect for the Sunday Brunch

Not many things top a good brunch on a Sunday morning. Instead of going out, sometimes it’s just better to eat at the comfort of your own home! Today, my wife prepared all of the following for us to enjoy: Omelet- heat the frying pan and then cock the ham first, then beat the eggs [...]

Craving for Dessert After Eating Something Flavorful

Do you notice that there’s always a craving for something sweet when we eat flavorful food? Whenever I have something salty or strong in taste, I always develop a really strong craving for food! It’s hard to explain exactly why (I’m no doctor) but I just know that it happens. Right now for instance, I [...]

What Do You Do When You Are Hungry

Some people are hungry more often than others but we all get hungry. Some of us decide to attend to this while others just wait till their regular meal hours. Today, I decided to grab a cookie and eat half of it. It was tasty, but it was also fattening. I could’ve chose to eat [...]