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Diet And Supplements For Gaining Weight (second part)

Pharmaceutical firms have spent billions on researching this very lucrative topic because the market is so large now. It seems that everybody wants to look like a film star and that means having a fantastic body. Anabolic steroids, growth hormones and insulin are at the vanguard in the fight to bulk up the body with predominantly muscle and the minimum of fat.

Novices normally wonder how much weight they can put on and how long it will take. These are not easy questions to answer because it depends on your genetic make-up. Androgenous types and those with high levels of testosterone will see rapid gains. However, all body sorts will make rapid progress in the start, because your body will react to the increased levels| of food and specific, focused exercise.

However, everyone agrees that the gains get less obvious every year. In the start you will make rapid progress, but as you carry on, you will get the impression that you are attempting to roll a boulder uphill. This sorts out those who are serious and those who just want to show off and is the reason why so many drop by the wayside after two or three years.

The sorts of foods that you should be eating to bulk up are: orange juice; oatmeal (as in porridge); milk; eggs; wholewheat; granary bread toast with butter; beef; baked potatoes; salad with olive oil and lemon or vinegar dressing; fresh fruit; cottage cheese; chicken; tuna and other oily fish; broccoli and other greens; brown rice. You might add protein powder to these foodstuffs.

The basic rule is that you must eat more calories than you use up (otherwise you will lose weight) and these calories must come from very good quality food like the examples given above. However, because you have to exercise to make muscle and burn fat, you really do have to eat a lot.

This is not to say that consuming colossal quantities of these foodstuffs will not help you build muscle without exercise, but it is not a recommended method, partly because you have to exercise your heart so that it is robust enough to deal with pumping blood around that extra weight.

How to bulk up for bodybuilding and weight lifting is a colossal subject. It is not as simple as it used to be, although the results reachable these days by following modern dieting techniques are fantastic. The results are also safer. If you are going to try bodybuilding, it is best not to go it alone.

The least you ought to do is join a gym that has a good reputation and discuss your aspirations about bodybuilding with them. They will have met people like you before and they will be able to suggest books, booklets, videos and a nutritionist all of which you should read, watch or talk to before you commit yourself to this course of action and bear in mind: it is not necessarily the best that make it to the top, it is normally the most dedicated, the most hard- working and the most hungry for success.

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