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Prepare A Seafood Paella Recipe And Learn Spanish At The Same Time

The Spanish Seafood Paella Recipe is a variation of a dish that was created many years ago in Spain. Paella was a dish that was cooked in a large flat pan . Today many language experts believe the dish to be named after that particular pan. Although there are several stories claiming the origins of the name, it is known to have been created in Spain.

It began with field workers cooking rice and broth over a low fire and continuously adding to it. The size of the dish grew of course with every ingredient added. These meals could feed many workers. And the uniqueness was due to the availability of foods to add frogs, snails and snakes were often the meat. If possible, a wild rabbit or bird may be caught and added.

With today’s choices, learning to cook a seafood paella recipe is probably more enticing. And by learning the Spanish word for each ingredient, you are giving yourself a mini language lesson. Begin by gathering together all of the ingredients needed and learning the Spanish name of each one. When adding each one, speak aloud the Spanish name of the food.

Several types of fish may be used including 2 medium squid (calamare), 1/2 pound of shrimp (camarones) mussells (mejillones) and 5 cups of fish broth (caldo de pescado). Other ingredients include 2 cups of rice (arroz), tomatoes (tomates) an onion (cebolla) and red pepper (rojo pimiento) and green pepper (verde pimiento). Also a small can of peas (guisantes). For added flavoring, a clove of garlic (ajo) and some parsley ( perejil) are added, along with salt(sal).

For fish the recipe calls for 2 mid sized squid (calamares), 2 pounds of mussels (mejillones) 1/2 pound of shrimp (camarones) and 5 cups of fish broth (caldo de pescado) Also used are one onion (cebolla), a red pepper (rojo pimiento) and a green pepper (verde pimiento). A can of peas (guisantes)or a small bag of frozen is another vegetable. For flavor you will need a clove of garlic (ajo), a sprig of parsley (perejil) and salt (sal) to taste. Of course the main ingredient being rice (arroz). Repeat these names so they are familiar to you when you read them. Speaking the names out loud helps to associate them.

Next mix in a separate bowl the ajo, parijil and the sal. This mixture will be folded into the arroz mix to be cooked and stirred continuously over medium heat. When the rice is tender, the mejillones, 1/2 pound of camarones and a small can of guisantes are all added. These are added late to preserve the tender texture of the foods. This completed combination needs to be cooked for another 20 minutes. However the whole idea of this dish is that it can be cooked for a long period of time with ingredients added over time.

Although the base of paella is traditionally arroz and broth, the possibilities of a Seafood Paella Recipe are endless. Whatever fish, vegetables or seasonings you like are acceptable. The important thing to remember is to add them at various times to ensure a difference in textures.

Learning to prepare a Spanish cuisine is made all the more delightful when you can speak the language. Creating a paella can be a perfect way to learn a new cuisine and language at the same time, due to the many ingredients required. Learning every ingredient in Spanish builds a fun and useful vocabulary.

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April 26th, 2011

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