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The History of Mexican and American Recipes

Looking at the History of Mexican Recipes. There are 2 crucial reasons that explain the difference and 1 of them is historical. At one time Mexico and part of the United States were all part of the Spanish Territory. Yet, Mexico remained under Spanish authority longer than the U.S., and the influence of Spanish cooking can be seen in our States along the border. Later, this area of the United States was mostly colonized by European immigrants, English, Dutch, German and French.

Yet, for some time, those who came to Mexico originated mostly from Spain, adding their lasting mark to Mexico’s unique dishes. Plenty of Mexican recipes are modifications of Spanish meals. You’ll find some of the more classic dishes continued almost completely unaffected. This created a unique combination of cooking styles, attracted from the Spanish, using domestic ingredients and unique cooking processes.

American cooking, on the other hand, is much more contrary. We are kind of a hodge-podge of immigrants from all over the world, each bringing their own unique style of cooking processes and recipes that are still changing even today.

Reason number two to clarify the difference between American and Mexican food is the geography. We in America learned to use our loca produce and even importing anything else we needed, the Mexican’s adapted to their own ingredients, found locally, which created what we think of Mexican food today. Because of its warmer climate, most of their ingredients are easily attainable. Corn, chili peppers, pumpkins, etc., have all grown very easily there for millennia.

The adjustment of recipes from Europe to what was available in the new world has made American dishes what they are, while the unification of Spanish methods and ingredients into the Mexican dishes has created what we think of as Mexican cuisine as we know it. Both are very enjoyable, but if you want something different discover a new Mexican dish and try it for yourself.

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April 26th, 2011

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