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What Can I Cook With The Ingredients I Have In My Pantry

Most people come home from their busy days wondering, what can I Cook with the ingredients I have in my pantry. First of all, you should remain calm, because most of us have been in this predicament a few times. We can easily say that our busy schedules didn’t allow us ample time to shop.

But, having said that, there are many things that you have in your kitchen cupboards in combination with your refrigerator that you can put together and form a good and healthy meal. Many of us often have some type of meat in our freezer. Let’s assume we have some ground beef or other type of ground meat.

Having that is the basis of your entire meal. You can quickly thaw the meat in the microwave and quickly make a meat loaf. There aren’t many ingredients that are required in this type of recipe. Furthermore on the side, you can make a quick salad and potatoes or rice.

If for example you will are lacking, the main ingredients for a salads, head towards the pantry for some canned vegetables.

The truth is, we don’t allot enough time to do the appropriate shopping and cooking, partly because we don’t have the time. Or perhaps we don’t want to devote any time to it. However, surely there are items that you have purchased in the past either sitting in your pantry or in your freezer. So for days like these, you should always ensure that you have canned vegetables and beans to provide you with the essential vitamins and great side dishes.

In addition to that, always try to keep some type of frozen meat in your freezer for busy weeks like you may be having right now. It’s always best to keep something that can thaw quickly, like pork chops or steak. And there you have it, always prepared to put a meal together in no time.

If you’re on a strict Grocery Budget and you are wondering “What Can I Cook With The Ingredients I Have, ” we’ve got tons of ideas that will help you make delicious, simple meals! Find out what’s for dinner tonight!

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November 18th, 2009

Mike Jackson


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